Catalina Ghost Tours

Our tours are perfect for those seeking to undertake a new and perhaps, a more in depth understanding of the unseen world. We have designed our curriculum to exceed expectations, and to teach our paranormal tour participants how to keep their experiences positive.

  • Catalina Ghost Tours are actual, professional paranormal investigations into ghostly manifestations.
  • We explore legends, and folklore of actual active areas, with sometimes spooky results.
  • No two tours are exactly alike, stops and content are at the discretion of the spirits we may encounter
  • Historically accurate tours, each is an actual paranormal investigation in its own right.
  • No gimmicks or Halloween hi jinks or antics.

We are experienced paranormal investigators, because we deal with Catalina with SS CatalinaREAL SPIRITS we can’t make them appear on demand. We will be exploring historic, and current phenomena, routinely encountered by Avalon residents, and even our own tour participants.  Specialized, cutting edge, equipment as used on A&E, Travel Channel, Bravo, the History Channel, etc. is used on our tours. This can produce dark and macabre results far more often than imagined.  Learn to use paranormal equipment and become official ghost investigators.

Each participant is encouraged to bring their own ghost hunting equipment, as we explore the paranormal.

Do gravely important work !!!
Join us for a most Haunting experience.
Catalina Ghost Tours
Make No Mistake !!!

If it doesn’t say Catalina Ghost Tours, it is not a true paranormal investigation. We are the only Catalina ghost tour officially recognized and sanctioned by the Avalon Paranormal Society, an organization specifically charged with investigating and documenting local unexplained activity.